Review – Haynes Saxophone Manual

The Haynes Saxophone Manual

This is a book I had heard about for quite a while but had never taken the time to purchase even though I was very interested in getting it.  A couple months ago while researching for my recent horn purchase I stumbled across Stephen Howard’s website because he had some excellent reviews about some of… Continue reading Review – Haynes Saxophone Manual

More From Emma White and Artscape 2012

While they were filming the documentary-style video I posted earlier, they ended up capturing a ton of raw footage.  Today Emma posted a full version of Aretha’s Baby I Love You from that footage so I thought I would share. I like how the horns for this song are just minimalist, well-placed hits and some… Continue reading More From Emma White and Artscape 2012

The Crack the Sky CD Is Out!

EDIT: the YouTube videos got pulled so I will upload some audio snippets soon. It actually came out a couple of weeks ago but with all my recent travel I just wasn’t able to post about it.  The new CD is called Ostrich.  My regular horn section, the Retox Horns, recorded three songs for the… Continue reading The Crack the Sky CD Is Out!

It’s Been A While

When I decided to start writing this blog I was very wary of being one of those bloggers who fizzled out on content.  I even started with a few posts written in advance so I would have a backlog ready to go.  Even with that, though, the last couple of weeks have been rather trying… Continue reading It’s Been A While

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