Recording Basics: Computer (Outputs)

Once you have your inputs squared away and you’ve recorded something it’s time to worry about hearing it back. This can be as simple as using the speakers built into your laptop or the speakers hooked up to your desktop or it could be a more major investment into studio monitors. Ultimately, the choice will… Continue reading Recording Basics: Computer (Outputs)

Recording Basics: More Inputs

I realized that I glossed over microphones completely in my last post and since they’re such an important part of the process I thought I would give them a little more time. I mentioned one particular microphone, the USB one, but I didn’t even mention what type it was.  So here’s a quick take on… Continue reading Recording Basics: More Inputs

Recording Basics: Computer (Input)

  It’s actually pretty easy to start recording on your computer and it’s relatively inexpensive since most people already have one. Even a computer that is several years old can be powerful enough to get started provided you use the right software and can work around any potential limitations. Many computers have built in microphones… Continue reading Recording Basics: Computer (Input)

Top Five Reasons You Should be Recording Yourself

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years both recording myself at home with various rigs and also being recorded in various studios for a string of demos, albums, jingles, and other things. It’s something I have always enjoyed and something I have sought out for myself as well. I’ve recorded on cassette four… Continue reading Top Five Reasons You Should be Recording Yourself

Analog Dreams EWI Refill for Reason

I’ve mentioned Chris Vollstadt and EWI Reason Sounds before.  I’ve been using Chris’s sounds for my virtual EWI rig for pretty much as long as I’ve been using a virtual rig.  I decided to make Reason the main engine for my virtual rig in no small part because of Chris’s patches and wonderful website.  I… Continue reading Analog Dreams EWI Refill for Reason