Phil-Tone Equinox D Review

This is probably the first of several reviews of mouthpieces from Phil Engelmann who makes and refaces mouthpieces under the name of Phil-Tone.  Over the last few years I have bought several of his mouthpieces, had him work on one of mine, and bought one of his refaced mouthpieces as well.  Today I’m going to… Continue reading Phil-Tone Equinox D Review

Gig Notes

Played an interesting gig last night for several reasons.  It was a 45th anniversary party for a nice couple and the gig was on Gibson Island.  I was playing with my usual wedding band, New Monopoly.  I mentioned before how huge the book is and even after nearly two years on the band I’m still amazed… Continue reading Gig Notes

My Gear – Acoustic Version

I thought it might be interesting to fire off an opening volley about some of the horns I’ve been playing.  Some of them I’ve been playing for quite a while and some are relatively new additions to the arsenal but all have stories associated with them. I’ve always considered myself to be primarily a tenor… Continue reading My Gear – Acoustic Version

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Let’s Talk About Reeds

Over the years I’ve tried a lot of things to deal with the reed situation.  I’ve done everything from the “slap it on and play” method to synthetics and plasticovers to the whole reed rush and glass method and I’ve developed some pretty particular opinions about what I want to do and what I expect… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Reeds

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