Busy Weekend

Friday night I got to do one of my favorite things. I played with Technicolor Motor Home at Ram’s Head On Stage in Annapolis. It’s the second time we’ve been there and the second time we’ve sold the place out. It’s not a huge venue but it has a great vibe and thee have been… Continue reading Busy Weekend

News and Reviews in Progress

A couple of things to catch up on: I’m not quite ready to do a full review on my new Cannonball Big Bell Stone Series tenor but early reports are really good.  I would never want to do a full review without first playing it on the gig since for me nothing I do in… Continue reading News and Reviews in Progress

October ’12 News and Notes

Lots of cool things going on right now.  First off, there’s a cool new behind the scenes video from the Emma White show I did a few weeks ago at Artscape in Baltimore.  It starts off with Emma doing What is Hip from Tower of Power…no small feat for only two horn players.  I can… Continue reading October ’12 News and Notes

ReedGeek Universal Tool

I’ve talked about my reed break-in process but I didn’t really mention this tool that really helped make everything even better.  The ReedGeek Universal Tool has been an incredibly helpful addition to my “arsenal” since I purchased it about 6 months ago.  For me, it provides the perfect blend of effectiveness with low maintenance that I… Continue reading ReedGeek Universal Tool

Let’s Talk About Reeds

Over the years I’ve tried a lot of things to deal with the reed situation.  I’ve done everything from the “slap it on and play” method to synthetics and plasticovers to the whole reed rush and glass method and I’ve developed some pretty particular opinions about what I want to do and what I expect… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Reeds

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