EWI Corner – The Virtual Years

So I already talked about my old hardware setup for the EWI and how it progressed over time.  Those years are mostly behind me these days as I have moved completely over to virtual synths on a laptop.  It’s a very flexible setup but I still have my last rack as well as some other… Continue reading EWI Corner – The Virtual Years

An Opinion

A couple weeks ago Amanda Palmer, formerly of the Dresden Dolls and current musical diva of Kickstarter, announced that she was going to have volunteers supplement her touring band and that they would be playing for free (well technically for beer and hugs).  This announcement literally lit up the intarwebs where the righteous indignation meter… Continue reading An Opinion

A Fun Night

I had a really great night on Friday.  I was playing with Technicolor Motor Home at the Recher Theatre in Towson, MD.  This band is one of my greatest pleasures right now.  First off, it’s a great bunch of musicians and a tremendous bunch of people to hang out with.  It’s incredibly gratifying for me… Continue reading A Fun Night

ReedGeek Universal Tool

I’ve talked about my reed break-in process but I didn’t really mention this tool that really helped make everything even better.  The ReedGeek Universal Tool has been an incredibly helpful addition to my “arsenal” since I purchased it about 6 months ago.  For me, it provides the perfect blend of effectiveness with low maintenance that I… Continue reading ReedGeek Universal Tool

EWI Corner (The Hardware Years)

I remember the first time I heard Tom Scott play a Lyricon a very, VERY long time ago.  I was instantly intrigued and I was pretty much hooked on the idea of playing a wind-driven synthesizer even though it would be quite a few years before I even had the chance to start playing something… Continue reading EWI Corner (The Hardware Years)