About Me

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Hi there and welcome.  I’ve been a professional saxophone player for most of my adult life mostly playing in the Baltimore/Washington DC area but with some touring and other travel thrown in.  I’ve played and recorded lots of different types of music including: Jazz, Big Band, Pop, Rock, Funk, R&B, Country, and even some Classical.  I play all four saxes (the normal ones – tenor, baritone, alto, and soprano), clarinet, flute, and an Akai EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument).  I don’t play full time anymore for several reasons.  For one, I am a widowed father of two and that takes up a lot of time and requires a pretty big monetary commitment.  Another reason is I have a great day job that takes care of me and my family very well.  A third reason is my family and I are pretty settled in this area and it’s VERY hard to make a living as a full-time musician here.  I guess that makes me a weekend warrior but I feel like I’m somewhere in between.  Still, I try to play as much as I can and usually get to play live anywhere from 2 to 8 or more times a month.  I also still get called for some sporadic recording work.  I thought there were a lot of blogs by top pros but felt there was a place for someone like me who plays a lot of weddings, clubs, and corporate parties along with the occasional larger scale concert.  I want to talk about all kinds of things from reeds and mouthpieces and horns to EWI things to recording tips to some of the funny and interesting things that come up playing weddings and one-nighters.  I hope you find something useful or thought-provoking here.